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Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju.
umjetnosti); Institut za medicinska istra?ivanja i medicinu rada./Arh Hig Rada Toksikol/1956/Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health/Croatian, English/0004-1254(Print); 1848-6312(Electronic); 0004-1254(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Articles in Croatian or English, with summaries in German, English, or Croatian; Articles in English or Croation, with summaries in both languages, <2005->. Search interface in Croatian and English. Issued by Institut za medicinska istraz?ivanja of the Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti; issued by Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, <2005-> Latest
Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine
Aviat Space Environ Med / Official journal of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) / Publlished from 1930 / Abstract for free from 1996 / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents
Biological trace element research.
International Association of Bioinorganic Scientists./Biol Trace Elem Res/1979/[London, Clifton, N. J.] Humana Press./English/0163-4984(Print); 1559-0720(Electronic); 0163-4984(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Print issues ceased 2013. Also issued online. Published under the auspices of the International Association of Bioinorganic Scientists.
BMC ecology.
/BMC Ecol/2001/BioMed Central, [/English/1472-6785(Electronic); 1472-6785(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from BioMed Central archive volume screen (viewed on Feb. 14, 2002).
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology.
/Bull Environ Contam Toxicol/1966/Springer Verlag/English/0007-4861(Print); 1432-0800(Electronic); 0007-4861(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
/Chemosphere/1972/Pergamon Press./English/0045-6535(Print); 1879-1298(Electronic); 0045-6535(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Place of publication varies. Also issued online. Articles in English, French, or German.
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
Journal / Published from 1971 (Online from 1998) / CRC Press LLC / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers via ScienceDirect / cited in SCI
Der Unfallchirurg.
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Unfallheilkunde./Unfallchirurg/1985/SpringerVerlag, c/German, English/0177-5537(Print); 1433-044X(Electronic); 0177-5537(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online. Articles in German; summaries in English
Disease Management
Journal / Official Journal of Disease Management Association of America / Published from 1998 (Online from 2000) / Mary Ann Libert Inc. / Abstract & Full-text for subscribers
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety./Ecotoxicol Environ Saf/1977/Elsevier/English, English/0147-6513(Print); 1090-2414(Electronic); 0147-6513(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Environmental research. Section B. Published under the auspices of the International Academy of Environmental Safety. Also issued online. Official journal of the International Society of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety,
/Ecotoxicology/1992/Chapman & Hall/English/0963-9292(Print); 1573-3017(Electronic); 0963-9292(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vol. 2, no. 1 (Mar. 1993); title from cover. Also issued online.
Effective Health Care bulletins
Journal / Produced by NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination / Published from 1992 (Online from 1995) / The Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd / Abstract & Full-text for free
Environment and behavior
Environ Behav / Published in cooperation with the Environmental Design Research Association / Published from 1969 (Online from 1999) / SAGE Publications / Abstracts for free / Fulltext for subscribers via Ingenta / cited in Medline(index medicus)
Environment international.
/Environ Int/1978/Oxford; Elmsford, N. Y., Pergamon Press./English/0160-4120(Print); 1873-6750(Electronic); 0160-4120(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Place of publication varies. Also issued online.
Environmental and molecular mutagenesis.
Environmental Mutagen Society./Environ Mol Mutagen/1987/Liss, c/English/0893-6692(Print); 1098-2280(Electronic); 0893-6692(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Print issues ceased with v. 55, no. 9 (Dec. 2014). Also issued online. Journal of the Environmental Mutagen Society.
Environmental Health : a global access science source
Environ Health / Published from 2002 / BioMed Central / Abstracts and Fulltext for free/ cited in Medline
Environmental health perspectives.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences./Environ Health Perspect/1972/Sciences./English/0091-6765(Print); 1552-9924(Electronic); 0091-6765(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/EHP online. Print issues ceased with v. 120, no. 12 (2012). Issues for Apr. 1972-May 1974 called Experimental issue no. 1-7 but constitute v. 1-7. Vols. 1-100, Apr. 1972-Apr.1993, complete in 1 issue each; v. 101, Apr. 23, 1993- in parts. Vol. 111, no. 6 (May 2003) includes articles that were published originally as v. 111, no. 1T of EHP toxicogenomics. Vols. have supplements, v. 101, 1993-v. 110, suppl. 6 (Dec. 2002). Also issued online.
Environmental management.
/Environ Manage/1976/New York, SpringerVerlag./English/0364-152X(Print); 1432-1009(Electronic); 0364-152X(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Environmental microbiology.
/Environ Microbiol/1999/Blackwell Science/English/1462-2912(Print); 1462-2920(Electronic); 1462-2912(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online.
Environmental monitoring and assessment.
/Environ Monit Assess/1981/D. Reidel Pub. Co., c/English/0167-6369(Print); 1573-2959(Electronic); 0167-6369(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Issued in 5 v. a year, Also available online.
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