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/Neuroimmunomodulation/1994/S. Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers, [/English/1021-7401(Print); 1423-0216(Electronic); 1021-7401(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vols. for Jan. 1994- also called v. 1, no. 1- . Also issued online.
Neurologic clinics.
/Neurol Clin/1983/Saunders, c/English/0733-8619(Print); 1557-9875(Electronic); 0733-8619(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Neurological research.
/Neurol Res/1979/New York, Crane, Russak./English, English/0161-6412(Print); 1743-1328(Electronic); 0161-6412(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Neurological sciences
Neurol Sci / Changed its name from 'the Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences' in 2000 / Official journal of the Italian Neurological Society (INS), and the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (ISCN) / Published from 1979 (Online from 1999) / Springer-Verlag Wien / Abstract for free / Full-text (PDF) for subscribers / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents
Journal / Published from 1995 (Online from 2001) / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers / cited in SCI Expanded
Neurology India.
Neurological Society of India./Neurol India/1964/Neurological Society of India/English/0028-3886(Print); 1998-4022(Electronic); 0028-3886(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Journal of the Neurological Society of India. Also issued online.
American Academy of Neurology./Neurology/1951/Minneapolis./English/0028-3878(Print); 1526-632X(Electronic); 0028-3878(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Supplements accompany some issues. Also issued online. Microfilm. v.18 (1968). 2
Neuromolecular medicine.
/Neuromolecular Med/2002/Humana Press, c/English/1535-1084(Print); 1559-1174(Electronic); 1535-1084(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online.
Neuromuscular disorders
Neuromuscul Disord / Official journal of the World Muscle Society (WMS) / Published from 1991 (Online from 1995) / Elsevier Science / Table of contents for free / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers via ScienceDirect / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents
/Neuron/1988/Cell Press, c/English/0896-6273(Print); 1097-4199(Electronic); 0896-6273(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Signaling at the synapse. Also available on the World Wide Web.
Society for Neuro-Oncology./Neuro Oncol/1999/Carden Jennings Pub./English/1522-8517(Print); 1523-5866(Electronic); 1522-8517(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vol. 1, issue 4 (Oct. 1999). Some v. supplemented by abstract issues. Also issued online.
Neuropathology / Sponsored by the Japanese Society of Neuropathology (JSN) / Published from 1981 (Online from 1999) / Blackwell Science / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers via Synergy / cited in Medline (Index Medicus) & Neuroscience Citation Index
Neuropathology and applied neurobiology.
British Neuropathological Society./Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol/1975/Oxford, Blackwell Scientific Publications./English, English/0305-1846(Print); 1365-2990(Electronic); 0305-1846(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Journal of the British Neuropathological Society. Also issued online.
/Neuropediatrics/1980/Hippokrates Verlag/English, German, English/0174-304X(Print); 1439-1899(Electronic); 0174-304X(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Supplements accompany some vols. Also issued online. Articles in English or German.
/Neuropeptides/1980/Churchill Livingstone, c/English, English/0143-4179(Print); 1532-2785(Electronic); 0143-4179(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Neurophysiologie clinique = Clinical neurophysiology.
francaise./Neurophysiol Clin/1988/Elsevier, c/French, English/0987-7053(Print); 1769-7131(Electronic); 0987-7053(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Articles in French; summaries in English and French; articles
Journal / Online from 2000 / Kluwer Academic Publishers / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers / cited in SCI Expanded
Neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and behavioral neurology
Neuropsychiatry Neuropsychol Behav Neurol / Official journal of the Behavioral Neurology Society (BNS) / Published from 1988 (Online from 2001) / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI Expanded and ISI Current Contents
/Neuropsychobiology/1975/Basel, New York, Karger./English, English/0302-282X(Print); 1423-0224(Electronic); 0302-282X(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Supplements accompany some v. Also available online.
/Neuropsychologia/1963/Oxford./English/0028-3932(Print); 1873-3514(Electronic); 0028-3932(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also available online. Articles in English, French, or German.
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