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DIPRIVAN (propofol) Injectable Emulsion Internet site
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals/anesthesiology; Dprivan/frequently updated/
bio-pharmaceutical company focusing on diseases of the lung/ information on the company and products
Eli Lilly and Company
A home page of Eli Lilly and Company / This site provides current information about the medicines that it makes and the diseases such as women's health and diabetes for consumers / Frequently updated site
FibroGen, Inc.
biotechnology company developing anti-fibrotic therapeutics and recombinant collagen and gelatin biomaterials/ information on the company, its products, related medical topics, and more
A web site of Genentech, a company in the field of biotechnology / This site provides research and products information for consumers
Homepage of Glaxo Wellcome Inc. a research-based pharmaceutical firm in US.
Health matters - Organon
Homepage of Organon Inc. a pharmaceutical company.
Immunex Corporation
pharmaceutical company focused on the therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and cancer/ general and medical informations
Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Homepage of Mallinckrodt, Inc.- respiratory device and airway management systems, MRI, ulatrasound and pharmaceuticals
MediNiche, Inc.
manufacturer of ocular skin therapy gel, and vitamin and mineral supplement/ company and products information
Mediolanum farmaceutici Group
Italian pharmaceutical group/ information on the group's products and research projects together with information services for health professionals
A home page of Merck, a global and research-driven pharmaceutical company / This site provides comprehensive health information for both general public and professionals / Frequently updated site
Merck & Co., Inc.
Contents: Informations about Products, Annual Reports, Press Releases, and Merck Research Labolatories. This company is the winner of the 1999 Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical Awards.
Nabi Corporation
biopharmaceutical company
NeuroScience Associates
A web site of NeuroScience Associates, which is in the process of alerting pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers about powerful contemporary histologic methods for assessing neurotoxicity / This site provides service information for consumers / Not frequently updated site
Novo Nordisk A/S
producer of industrial enzyme products/ world leader in insulin and diabetes care and also manufactures and markets a variety of other pharmaceutical products
- the sole manufacturer of the anti-cancer drug Ukrain / UKRAIN is a derivative of alkaloids from the plant, greater celandine / Nowicky Pharma, A- 1040, Vienna, Austria
Official" Trasylol (Aprotinin) Website
Official homepage of Trasylol (Aprotinin), Bayer company/contents:prescribing info, meeting & symposia, product info, aprotinin-related slide & abstract library, related sites/regularly updated/
Orion Group
A web site of Orion Group, an international company specialising in products for the healthcare sector / This site provides products and publications inforamtion for consumers / Frequently updated site
PathoGenesis Corporation
A home page of PathoGenesis Corporation, a world-wide pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs to treat chronic infectious diseases / This site provides products and research information for consumers / Not frequently updated site
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